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The business of creating value, improving efficiency and accuracy, and the new business models that are resulting from technology can be challenging work.

We have built software solutions ranging from large-scale enterprises, all the way down to grass-roots start-ups.
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  • In our agricultural supply chain, costs are increasing. Efficiency of all parts of the process is more important than ever.
  • We worked to create a solution that removed mundane, low-skill labour hours by 30%.
  • We advise on the latest technologies.
  • We havecreated systems that send and receive data more effectively to remove time delays.
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Business Model Shift

  • We support clients in shifting to a digital-first strategy. During this process we identified the lowest cost first step.
  • We teach our clients about market validation to reduce spending and cost up front.
  • We advise on the latest technologies.
  • We offer advice on system architecture, process, and user experience and service design that incorporates and prepares companies for future changes in technology.
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Digital Transformations

  • These projects can be challenging and we have been a part of many.
  • We support through service design and assessing existing tech, preparing a road map for future, and understanding the integrations with the ERP, what the structure should be to ensure all outcomes for strategy, stakeholder and users.
  • We work with change management teams to ensure delivery, onboarding, and training.
How it works
Initial assessment
Come have a chat with us free of charge. Tell us about your challenge or how you would like to transform a process. The earlier the better, digitisation and a technical lens can usually shape how a process could be done better.

We'll review and give you some initial feedback.
Requirements gathering
We ensure that we keep our engagements concise and clear. This step ensures you have our business analysts, senior developers, data scientists, and designers on the problem. We can uncover some common mishaps in the software development process, specify the solutions, and give you an understanding of phases and costs that align with your funding or business case.

The outcome of this is a design and a costed up statement of work that includes clear deliverables.
Review and adjust
Software is an investment and there are many approaches. After we prepare the proposal and statement of work we review to ensure that budget and outcomes are aligned.

There will almost always have to be compromise. Adjustments may need to be made to our approach to achieve the deliverable in the most cost effective way. To give you the power to make your own decisions on your digital journey, we endeavour to make any compromise as transparent as possible.
Every fortnight (we work in "sprints") we will deliver some functionality to your team. We will review with your team and refine the priorities for the next sprint. This ensures we continue to be efficient in development that aligns to the needs of your business.
Support, hosting & maintenance
We provide a variety of maintenance and supporting packages to work with those that need the full service as well as those that are able to do some of it themselves. So we can adjust our service packages to suit.

We ensure that your software is up to date, just like a house or any other asset maintenance is very important or it can fall into disrepair.

Our service packages are fully customisable to suit your business needs. Whether you need the full suite, or just a single service, we can help.

Much like a house or a car, regular maintenance and servicing of software is required to keep it from falling apart. We provide comprehensive, in-house servicing to keep your software is up-to-date and in top, working order.
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