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Volume to Value... how to do it? 
Sustainability, digitisation and market changes are moving faster than ever before.

We help you have confidence in your technical strategy, ensuring alignment with your sustainability and product strategies to be prepared for the future... whatever it may bring.
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Who uses it


Backstory provides its services to boards, ensuring their strategy is aligned with their technical direction and growth strategy to better prepare them for the future.

We work with them to review existing risks and future risk.

Strategy & Growth Teams

Companies who want to move from Volume to Value, but are finding it hard to determine where to start and how to ensure the technology is supporting their new direction.

Scheme Owners

Industry bodies, or accreditation programs use us to ensure their programs are backed up by robust technology, are ready to scale, and their business models are aligned.
Use cases
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Building a Growth Strategy aligned with "better for the world products"

How do you go from selling on volume to selling on attributes and claims? How do you shift the culture of the company, the capability of the teams and the technology to support it? How do you ensure this doesn't break the bank while you do it and you don't get taken to court for unsubstantiated claims? 

Reach out to us to learn about how we've supported companies to make this shift, where to start, who to have on your team,x and how to think about your approach.
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Designing a better way? Have tech at the table early

Reach out to us if you want to increase your efficiency and you want to introduce some sustainability. Far too often we are brought in too late. The magic in technology is how it transforms a process, which means you will want a technology lens on the design process early in the game.
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Sustainability - where do I start? 

Whether you need it for market access, compliance, or differentiation, sustainability is daunting and non-negotiable. So how do you become proficient at this job that needs to be done, and ready the ship for what the future has in store?

Get in touch to find out how we can help you and your company navigate the treacherous and evolving waters of sustainability compliance.
How it works
Introductory consultation
Let's have a chat. We pride ourselves on being practical and cut right to the chase. If we can point you in the right direction, we will.

We want to see you win, and are very passionate about the business models involved in the value chain, the technology that supports it, and thinking accurately about how to bring them together.
Review needs
Sometimes it's a relatively straightforward answer, sometimes it's more complex. We will help you if you've got an ambitious goal and need help determining the right course of action or if you need some external perspective on a strategy.

We often deliver workshops to bring stakeholders in alignment with how technology, sustainability, and business strategy all come together.
Determine programme of work
We are flexible and want to ensure you get value from our advice.

We do everything from:
  • Full or part-day workshops
  • Assessment of strategies
  • Retainer for partnering to ensure a technical and sustainability lens is on all the work
  • Developing a product, technology, or sustainability strategy
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