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Certainty of sustainability claims through verified data
Use Prove to manage evidence of market claims and sustainability. Access existing and new on-farm data. Gain insight, uncover untapped value, and rest assured that your market claims are verified.
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Who uses it

Processors & Exporters

Quality and Marketing teams use Prove for aggregating data across hundreds of suppliers for market access. Prove is also used to avoid greenwashing, back up unique claims and provide confidence to wholesale customers.

Sustainable and Ethical Brands

Prove is used by ethical brands to avoid greenwashing with their cutting edge claims and leverage the effort they put into their sustainability efforts to ensure their market presence is noticed.

Funds & Corporate Farms

Our Funds and Corporate Farm clients use Prove for aggregating data across assets in their fund, reporting on natural capital, financed emissions, benchmarking, and stakeholder reporting.

Scheme Owners

Scheme owners use Prove for audit administration and collecting evidence of adherence to certain standards. Prove enables the to digitise their process of reporting on progress to farmers and to the value chain.
Use cases
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Market Access

Increase your responsiveness as a company and know what products are approved for which markets at all times. Plan your production more efficiently, reduce brand risk, and be prepared for increased demands of proof and data to back up market access requirements.
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White Labelling Specifications

Generate confidence in your highest value customers by showing them the evidence provided by your suppliers is robust and has integrity.
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Certifying & Auditing

Whether you are a processor, brand, auditor, or someone who administers a scheme or program, the job of auditing and collecting evidence sufficient to satisfy the certification is made easier for farmers, auditors and those that need to see the certification outcome (eg. buyers and customers).
How it works
Get set up
Our team will sit with you and review your needs. We will identify the best place to start with the highest return on investment.
Identify data sources
To make your supplier relationships frictionless, identify the evidence and the sources and quality of data you want from your suppliers.

Our team will set it all up in Prove ready for you to use.
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Support your claims, reduce cost of sustainability, reporting and market access, and increase confidence.

Easily generate reports to show your customers, stakeholders, suppliers, financiers, and your insurance providers.
With the click of a button, add new content capture requirements or create new programmes for new customers in evolving markets. Create efficiency and gain productivity by identifying suppliers and products that can be redirected to specific markets or customers.

Be ready for changes in the market and adapt quickly to compliance requirements, market access, changing consumer sentiment, and climate and geopolitical risks.
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