Backstory Tech Platform Launches Prove, Ushering in Post-certification Era

Ushering in a post-certification era for sustainable and ethical brands, Prove unlocks data that makes it easier for consumers to make values-based choices when buying food.

Melissa Baer
Melissa Baer
May 29, 2024
Backstory Tech Platform Launches Prove, Ushering in Post-certification Era

CHRISTCHURCH, NZ - May 29th 2024

Today, Backstory announced the release of Prove, their newest claims solution.

Backstory are the creators of a meta-technology platform that centralizes certification data for sustainable and ethical brands, certifiers, suppliers and farmers.

Prove by Backstory is a cloud-based app that manages evidence for corporate claims, product claims and certifications all in one place. Data in Prove is used by sustainable and ethical brands for making differentiated marketing claims that resonate with consumer values.

“Prove is the first step in transforming today’s broken food supply chains into globally connected value chains that behave with the same values and principles as our local farmer’s markets,” said Melissa Baer, Founder and CEO.

headshot of Melissa Baer
Founder & CEO, Melissa Baer

“Our purpose is to make it easier for consumers to make important decisions about the food they buy. Nowadays, few consumers have direct relationships with farmers, so they use certifications like USDA Organic, BCorp or Non-GMO as their proxy for what is safe, sustainable, and ethical,” said Baer.

Research shows consumers' intent to buy sustainable and ethical food products is higher than ever and growth in sustainable products is a third higher than conventional goods[1]. With sustainable products becoming commonplace, combined with a rise in greenwashing and consumer eco-fatigue, marketers need differentiation stories to stand out from competitors.

Market expectations on brands will only get higher, demonstrated by the emergence of regenerative, clean label, and minority owned certifications, as a way of proving products are ‘good’ in the eyes of the consumer.

Most brands already have one or more certification and once a brand gains a certification, the data behind it lays dormant, representing a major lost source of consumer value.

Prove unlocks more data for brands to identify the next wave of consumer trends by mining their value chains for sources of‘good’ and presenting this in beautifully curated dashboards. The platform enables marketers to use certification data for telling more nuanced stories to consumers across all channels. By hosting certification data from any source, Prove is agnostic to the plethora of certifications brands already use making it accessible to any brand.

“Our vision at Backstory is to usher in a post-certification world where consumers and brands are closer than ever. Prove and the Backstory platform is the first step in transforming that relationship between brands and consumers, to one based on authenticity, trust, and backed by data.”

Prove is launching in the United States, offering American brands and certification providers the technology to differentiate from their competitors and stand out to consumers. Currently, Prove is utilized by New Zealand’s leading food & fiber exporters, representing 10k farms, $6b in brand revenue, 40 brands and 25 live certifications.

To learn more about Prove by Backstory and how it can maximize the value of certifications for brands to win consumer trust, visit

About Backstory

Backstory was founded in 2020 by Melissa Baer, who was one of the first to sell organic meat online in North America. Since migrating to New Zealand, she has become a trusted technology advisor to New Zealand’s leading food & fiber brands.

Expanding to the USA is part of Backstory’s development of a meta-technology platform to solve some of the food industry’s most wicked problems.

Backstory was born out of curiosity for how to restore the positive outcomes that local supply chains provide, like economic prosperity, ecological benefits, and positive social connection, and bring these benefits to long, fragmented supply chains. Backstory is headquartered in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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[1] NYU Stern SustainableMarket Share Index

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