A Value Chain that transforms our planet
We are creating a world where consumers can easily see the good, align their values to the products they purchase, farmers can easily show the good, so that we can begin to reward the good.
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What is Backstory?
We support companies on their journey from Volume to Value strategy. Work with companies on their digitisation and sustainability journey.
Custom product development
We are here to support the use of technology to empower the players in the value chain. We have extensive experience in a wide range of solutions, data science, requirements gathering, system design, and user experience design using best practices of agile and design thinking methodology.
SAAS products
We've identified a few areas where we can help the industry. So we've created plug-and-play licensable solutions to reduce the cost and increase speed for the companies "doing the good".

Our products are Prove and Backstory App. Our solutions help companies "Prove the Backstory of their products and claims".
Virtual product platform
Our platform enables other solutions committed to transforming our food system by modifying the business models and reward mechanisms that drive behaviour to easily get started.
Backstory is for sustainable brands and ethical processors
Have confidence in your claims and swiftly address evolving market requirements.
Our products
Prove mockups
Compliance, sustainability, and market access made simple, digital, and scalable. Easily capture evidence, remove friction in supplier relationships and have confidence in your claims with Prove.
Backstory mockups
The Backstory app transforms the connection with the end consumer. It enables you to tell great stories at scale and easily differentiate your brand in an evolving market. Align your brand values with your consumer's values.

Custom software development

We make your business come to life with digital technologies that enable the vision and support growth and improve efficiency.

We're a team of passionate developers, Business Analysts and Project Managers that want to make an impact.


If you're on a volume to value journey get in touch. We bring digital expertise, value chain business model expertise and sustainability expertise together to provide you with robust decision frameworks and facilitate the strategy creation and, ultimately, transformation.
What do we do?
We help you navigate regulatory challenges and shifting market access regulations with clarity and confidence, so you can focus on your core business while sustaining your legacy, and preparing for tomorrow's success in a rapidly evolving industry.
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